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Patient Testimonials

  • Following several knee surgeries in the past 10 years, I am no stranger to PT. I could not be happier in finding Dan and his entire team at Limitless PT. I have recovered with them during back pain, after a shoulder surgery and most recently after a total knee replacement. Not only did I feel like a person instead of a number, the whole team is engaged in your care. All of the staff is well trained and always committed to your success. The team will push you to your limits, but they are ever so respectful of your own personal recovery benchmarks. I have gotten to know many patients here and have watched the process on young and old alike. I could not be happier with my outcome or the Limitless PT team. I feel better than ever. At 6 months out, I feel like I am 90% back to where I was 10 years ago!

    Leah F.

  • I have rehabbed with Dan and the team at Limitless PT many times over the past 10 years or so. 3 knee scopes, a shoulder repair, several episodes with my lower back, and currently as I come back from a total knee replacement. As a CrossFit athlete and Lacrosse Official my goals for my rehab are a bit different than many folks, and I feel I have always benefited from the personal attention I am given not just during each appointment, but more importantly during the planning of the entire rehab from start to finish. Dan and his team make sure I am doing what I am supposed to, and make known what I should steer clear of. I trust Dan and his staff to explain my rehab plan, so I can be back on my feet in the shortest time possible, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Also, my son and daughter during high school in Victor and into their college athletic careers, as well as my wife on several occasions have seen Dan for back pain, sports injuries and post surgical rehab. Whenever someone in the family gets hurt, one of the first thoughts is “when can we get into see Dan at Limitless PT?

    Mike D.

  • Dan and his entire staff provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for anyone’s physical therapy needs. They are extremely knowledgeable in treating your physical problems but also take into consideration your overall health and well-being. They genuinely care about you as a person. My husband, son and myself have all been patients at Limitless Physical Therapy Specialists for back pain, sports injuries, knee surgery and shoulder surgery. We love the results that we have seen and would recommend Limitless Physical Therapy Specialists for your PT needs.

    Diane K.

  • Without a doubt the best physical therapists and staff you could ask for and more importantly, they are just downright good people.

    John K.

  • After using other PT places over the years, my only disappointment is that I didn’t find you sooner. Staff is fantastic and very helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. Thank you for your dedication to get me better! You guys rock!

    Kristin W.

  • Over the years I have been to many different physical therapy offices in the Rochester area. Limitless PT has by any measure the most knowledgeable, creative and collegial atmosphere of any place I have been. They treat all ages of clients with observable respect (from the point you are greeted by the receptionist.) I have felt listened to, and have developed a partnership with the therapist in addressing my physical needs. I HIGHLY recommend their practice!

    Marguerite B.

  • Limitless is an amazing place staffed with amazing people. The clinic is immaculate. The team is very personal and VERY professional. One aspect of their therapeutic approach that I found quite meaningful was that they incorporate mental state and wellness (visioning wellness) into their physical therapy regime. While not everything is ‘mind over matter,’ in health restoration and healing, the mind plays a vital role in restoring wellness. The clinical team uses this philosophy as they work with patients moving them towards a state of healing and restoration. I find it, today, increasingly rare (for me) to rave about professional and/or professional establishments. This is a significant exception. Thank you Limitless. You play a vital role in my wellness as well as the wellness of those in our community.

    Kevin W.

  • I was impressed from my first phone call to my following appointments! The staff is professional yet personable! I find them to be very educated in a variety of techniques and while I can’t say it’s “easy”, I can definitely say that it is making a great difference in my mobility! Limitless PT came highly recommended and I’m happy to say they were not wrong!

    Marie S.

  • The breadth of knowledge and skill of the PTs is second to none. Working in healthcare for 15 years I have a large comparison group. I am always impressed with the interaction and qualified treatment I receive.

    Elizabeth S.

  • Professionalism, results, convenience, positive reinforcement, knowledge, friendly staff. I refer tons of people!!

    Jennifer H.

  • Skilled and experienced professionals who care about your progress and your personal goals. Friendly office staff who always greet you by name.

    Annaliese P.

  • Solution-oriented care that is sustainable, not driven by a prescription for medication.

    Recent Patient

  • From the first phone call, I was able to improve my walking by being told to use one crutch on the opposite of my foot. The exercises and encouragement from Tommy have been great.

    Walter F.

  • They just get it. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was going to get better.

    Jim K.

  • The whole staff is genuinely caring & kind. They all show concern towards everyone who enters the facility. The doctors all are very thorough from initial evaluation and through every step of the way! They all have fantastic personalities yet remain professional. There are other facilities that I could go to but, the staff at Limitless has my business for as long as needed! Thank you to the staff for being supportive and compassionate!

    Tracey D.

  • I went there in pain. I left there with no pain. Dr. Dan is an excellent therapist. I highly recommend Limitless therapy. Very thankful for Limitless.

    Ann D.

  • I had the best care at Limitless. I suffered a shoulder injury that required a lot of help. The PTs at Limitless helped me regain strength, endurance, and flexibility that allowed me to return to my sport stronger than ever. I am forever grateful for the help I got at Limitless. I was very nervous about physical therapy but they made me feel welcome and confident.

    Natalie Z.

  • The expertise in rehab, quality of education and excellent patient care all integrated into one amazing experience. Stated with the utmost of sincerity.

    Stephanie R.